Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Don't go to Abs!

It was around the early summer time, I was still waiting for a reply regarding my job application at NCRA and was getting bored in this new (for me) city, Pune. So I decided to join a gym near my home called, Abs for Her. On the first day a "smiley face" welcomed me and introduced me to the gym; she tried to make herself sound like a husky and sweet woman at the same time. That was very confusing and of course did not work on a logical brain inside a female body. "Oh yeah, and we have a dietitian here, too", "Ohh, alright", was my reply, but in my head the thoughts were like, "Right! I am not that fat or old or ill that I really need someone to tell me that I should avoid fats and carbohydrates and should eat more proteins, vitamins and fibers!". This is what any traditional mum from Marathi middle class families will tell you for sure.

I started going to the gym, it was alright and a little expensive as well. More than 2K per month which is almost 100 rupees an hour. Yeah, they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays; and of course didn't bother to tell me about this initially. But I continued over there for about 5 months and took a break for 2 months. I got another offer from these people, on 3 months subscription, 3 months will be free. So I decided to get my gym clothes out again. I started going to the gym again from the start of November.

Bly me, they had not changed the yoga-mats, the gym was full with women of all ages, sizes and energy levels. In my batch, we used to be 6-7, and now we are at least 10 every day. Most of them are very sluggish and fat. We are asked to run in a circle over there, but except for a 2 or 3 none of them actually can run; at most they jog for half a minute and start walking. For that small hall, 6 or 7 will be a "crowd" but now since these ABs people want to make a lot of money, more than 10 women are crammed in a batch. Most of these women have a lot of money but don't have the drive to work out, which is very discouraging. Glad that some of the active batch-mates are still there so that we can look at each other and push ourselves to our limit and even beyond!

But in all the condition of the gym is just horrible. We asked for a few more sets of light weights and the answer is "Why don't you increase your intensity?". Imagine a female astronomer or an IT professional with curvy biceps instead of a curvy "figure"! ;-) We asked them to clean the floor but the excuse is the cleaner is absent for a few days. In a place like a gym, the floor is full of rubbish, hair, dust, pieces of yoga mats and we are supposed to lie down over there while working out. They charge us 100 rupees an hour (or 50 considering the discount) and not provide a clean and hygienic environment, a neat set of enough dumbbells, yoga mats in a good condition, etc. BUT ... they provide us a dietitian, the one who behaves like a perfect college student. "So .... where is your diet diary?", and her accent makes me laugh very loudly. She asked me the other day to eat extra protein, although my body never asked me for that. I am sure the body has a very good feedback mechanism. Honestly, sometimes I feel that I know a lot more about diet than her.

But the gym instructors are very nice. I have good experience with all of them, at least 5 of them. They are very nice, friendly girls and do their jobs very well. At least that's not that bad; apart from that I don't have any praises for Abs!

I just wish they at least read this and not turn a deaf ear to the complaints again!

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