Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are we just going to talk about it?

Since the city of Mumbai was facing terror attacks I was and am very much upset about the things and the way they are being handled. I went to the office and realized how bad the situation was! My officemate started talking about the condition and of course the conversation went on the track of the politicians in this country. How they are all useless, shameless people blah blah blah. Later there was an addition, that the media is also the same. There were hot discussions everywhere, in the office, in the canteen, at home, on phone, on misalpav where I normally write in Marathi, everywhere. Mostly people were angry with the politicians and the media and of course on the education system, the middle class etc.

Honestly, I am just bored of all this discussions. They don't have any conclusion, many times there is at least one person at least who will be hot-headed and the entire conversation will be absolutely useless. Mostly these people don't think before talk, cannot control their emotions and cannot think logically, rationally about the issue. But the worse thing is, most of us just like to talk about this. We just talk about this, we will forget it in a few days and things will be normal once again ... just to get distorted by another terrorist attack. And now it's enough for me, I have reached my tipping point.

I cannot take this anymore. I have got a feeling that I am also responsible all this. Because I am also one of those who never tried anything to stop this. And this is enough. I lived without doing anything till now, but I don't want to die without taking any efforts.

I want to do something creative and constructive. I know that it might not change anything. But nobody doing anything won't change anything for sure. If one works then there is hope. I don't really know what can I do. There are some people out there who want to do something and that is enough for me for the moment. So if you have a concrete plan about what do or you have a wish to work then only talk to me. Or else know what ... I don't really give a ****.


sunny said...

Only through open discussions can ideas emerge


Pl read this. youmay find it very interesting

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