Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beauty and brains

They always says "beauty never comes with brain" or "while choosing your partner, don't look at the beauty". I sometimes wonder why is beauty always compared with brains. Are these two related at all? I think yes, none are under one's control. Well, these days one can undergo a plastic and/or cosmetic surgery and try to be "more beautiful", but let us forget that for a moment. Both beauty and brains are there by birth and one cannot control either. There is some similarity. Why are they considered different then?

Brain is always with you (if you have a non-zero initial value for that!), that is something one can trust upon; again there are some exceptions, like people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's disorders etc, but that is not (yet!) a big fraction of the society. So whatever inherited is always there when we talk about brains. But that is not really true about beauty. The so called beauty cannot stand aging. Again there are exceptions, but not a lot! That is the reason brains get more votes to beauty!

These thoughts matter when one wants to choose a partner for life (marriage). My choice, I chose a brainy guy who is handsome too!

On a lighter note: What if there are more beautiful people casting their votes compared to brainy ones?

My sincere thanks to two friends, from their conversation I started to think about this.