Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here are some tips while installing AIPS on Ubuntu and Kubuntu systems. I got stuck with AIPS for quite some time. These are there mainly for myself but anybody is free to use these. Also if there is anymore to add to these, please comment here itself.

1. Create directory /home/aips

2. Give proper permissions to the user (in my case sanhita is the user):
a. chgrp -R sanhita /home/aips
b. chown -R sanhita /home/aips

3. Install 'cvs' on the machiene. I used 'apt-get install cvs' command for the same.
3a. Install gfortran, if you do not have it and if you are going to compile AIPS.

4. Download install.pl which is the install wizard, from the AIPS (CLASSIC) website. Keep it at /home/aips/install.pl
a. Change the permissions of the file using
chmod u+x install.pl

5. Run install.pl using ./install(dot)pl. It will many questions during that. The main answers are:
a. The home area for aips is /home/aips
b. The data area is /home/aips/DATA/LEELA_1 (LEELA is my machiene name). More areas can be added to this after editing the file /home/aips/DA00/DADEVS.LIST
c. Which processor/system does one have, e.g. Linux or LNX64 (64-bit linux)

6. Keep hitting enter once the questionaire is complete. Do give the email address as courtesy when asked for cvs password.

7. If asked 'AMANAGER' is another password.

8. If you get the following error:
START_AIPS: AIPS_ROOT is not a directory; cannot start AIPS.
the solutions can be:
a. Check the file called /home/aips/LOGIN.SH or /home/aips/LOGIN.CSH
b. /home/aips/START_AIPS
and check what is the AIPS_ROOT area. It should be /home/aips.

In my installation the file START_AIPS had the AIPS_ROOT area defined as /home/AIPS. That was breaking it. Once that was fixed, it worked fine.

Have fun AIPSing! Let me get back to AIPS now to make a linear polarization map of NGC 253 at 610 MHz.

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